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Here you can find news articles from the US and around the world concerning Child Labor.

Japan: Nintendo under fire for use of conflict minerals – EC

September 11, 2013

Electronics manufacturer Nintendo is facing mounting pressure from human rights activists over its use of conflict minerals in its gaming consoles. The Japanese company is being urged to take steps to eliminate the use of the minerals in its production process, while activists are also calling for the improvement of its accountability and transparency levels.

All electronic devices require the use of minerals in their manufacturing. In Nintendo’s case, it is alleged that some of these minerals are being sourced in the mines of eastern Congo, many of which are directly linked to the violent conflicts that have engulfed the region over the past 15 years Click here to read more…

Syria: Syria’s 11-Year-Old Killing Machine – VICE US

August 29, 2013

The Little Lion: Syria’s 11-Year-Old Killing Machine – VICE US  Mohammed Afar is 11 years old. The modified AK-47 assault rifle he carries stretches to nearly two-thirds his height.

Over the top of his faded yellow jacket a Free Syrian Army vest holds three extra clips, each full with live ammunition, and a walkie-talkie. An FSA badge sits on one side and a rendering of the Islamic Shahada, in Arabic calligraphy, on the other.

He says he does not miss school or want to stay at home with his mother and two sisters. Click here to read more…

India: Study shows that nearly all street children in India face abuse – PressTV

August 12, 2013

A new study shows that nearly every Indian child living on the streets is exposed to violence and abuse, with the majority being victims of police harassment, Press TV reports.

The majority of children living on the streets of India are repeatedly exposed to maltreatment ranging from child labor, child trafficking, sexual exploitation, and many other forms of violence and abuse, according to a report released on July 16 by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India Click here to read more…

USA: FBI Sting Operation Rescues 105 Teens from Sex-Trafficking in 70 Cites – NBC News

July 29, 2013

105 teenagers, many from broken homes, were rescued over the weekend as FBI conducted a sex-trafficking crackdown in more than 70 cities. The youngest victim was 13 years old, FBI reported Click here to read more…

USA: HR. 2780 Recently Introduced Education for All Act Would Target Most Disadvantaged Children – Rep. Lowey Press Release

July 25, 2013

Washington, DC – Rep. Nita Lowey Press Release -

Today at least 57 million children of primary school age and 69 million adolescents are not in school. Over half of those children are girls. Forty percent live in Africa. Tens of millions of school-age children who start primary school drop out and millions more are denied a secondary school education.

Over half of the children out of school live in fragile and conflict-affected states. Without access to basic education, these children will not have the skills to contribute to reconstruction. They will be powerless to stabilize their countries, and we will lose yet another generation of children to war and disease.

Basic education is a fundamental development and security priority. No country has reached sustained economic growth without achieving near universal primary education, and educated populations are healthier. The 9/11 Commission concluded that ensuring educational opportunity is essential to defeating global terrorism. Amid violence, strife, and poverty, education is an equalizing force.

We have reintroduced the Education for All Act, H.R. 2780, to establish U.S. policy to work with other countries, international organizations, and civil society to help developing countries implement strong, accountable national education plans designed to provide a quality basic education for all their children. The bill would: Click here to read more…

Indonesia: Palm oil industry tied to forced and child labor – Brandeis University

July 22, 2013

Numerous consumer products linked to slave-like conditions

Producers of palm oil, the most popular vegetable oil in the world which is found in thousands of consumer and industrial products, rely in part on Indonesian contractors using forced labor and underage workers, according to a nine-month investigation by the nonprofit Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University. The report, entitled “Asia’s Bitter Harvest: The hidden human toll of the palm oil boom” describes the project and its findings, which are based on more than 75 interviews and on-the ground reporting at 12 palm oil plantations in Indonesia. Indonesia is the largest producer of palm oil in the world. The report states that widespread abuses of basic human rights exists in Indonesia’s palm oil production, including forced and child labor.

Palm oil and its derivatives are found in products ranging from donuts and soap to lipstick, toothpaste, and biodiesel. Global palm oil use has quintupled since 1990 and is now a $44 billion industry. Although producers have drawn scrutiny from environmental activists, who decry the destruction of the rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia to support palm oil expansion, the human costs of the palm oil boom have been largely overlooked. Click here to read more…

USA: Law enforcement rescues 61 child victims, nabs 250 child predators – ICE

July 15, 2013

Washington, DC – Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) law enforcement officials announced today that a recent five-week sweep snared more than 250 suspected child predators, including nine teachers and three clergymen.

Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, John Morton, said that 255 child predators were arrested and 61 child victims were rescued in the so-called “operation iGuardian,” which targeted online sexual abusers as well as those who possess, produce or trade child pornography.

The majority of the rescued child victims were girls, Morton said.

Twenty-two of the victims were 9 years old or younger – including four under the age of 3. The remaining 39 children were between the ages of 10 and 17, according to the ICE news release.

Of those arrested, 20 people were charged with online sexual enticement of a minor, with the remaining 235 people charged with child pornography production, possession or distribution of child pornography, traveling with the intent to have sex with a minor, or other offenses, including rape, according to the ICE release.

Only four of the suspected predators nabbed in the investigation were women, ICE officials said.

The international investigation ran from May 28 to June 30, Morton said, and revealed that online sexual abuse is pervasive and growing.

According to an ICE news release, “Protecting our youth in the digital age requires all of us to be on the lookout for child predators abusing and extorting victims online,” Morton said. “Chidlren and parents need to understand that not everyone online is who they say they are.”

Morton said that investigators have identified a “disturbing trend” known as “sextortion,” in which predators essentially blackmail underage children into sending them “increasingly graphic images and videos.”

Child abusers prowl social media looking for opportunities to force young people into sexual exploitation through guild, deceit, and extortion,” he said. “We want children to know that it’s wrong for any adult to solicit or pressure them for sex and that the law is on their side.”

Morton said that despite the growth of sexual abuse online, officials cannot “arrest our way out of this problem” due to the sheer scope of online communications and the massive number of potential sexual abusers.

“We applaud and are very pleased that ICE has undertaken this level of investigation and effort to protect children from a worst form of child labor in the US,” said Diane Mull, director of the International Initiative to End Child Labor (IIECL). “Unfortunately, this is likely just the tip of the iceberg. We are hopeful that Director Morton and ICE will continue this level of effort and more.”

Thus far, investigators have arrested 1,674 in similar investigations this year.

Director Morton said during the Monday announcement, “We know that there’s more work to be done so that all child victims receive the help they deserve.”

Global: $7.7 million multi-country grant competition announced to reduce WFCL – USDOL-ILAB

July 3, 2013

US Department of Labor announces $7.7 million multi-country grant competition to reduce the worst forms of child labor

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of International Labor Affairs today announced a $7.7 million competitive solicitation for a cooperative agreement to support a reduction of the worst forms of child labor by building local and national capacity of governments in at least 10 countries. Click here to read more…