Effective Child Labor Prevention Methods

USA: IIECL Prepares for CSR studies in North Africa, Latin and South America – IIECL

IIECL continues to expand its experience and reach in applying its unique methods of Corporate Social Responsibility review that targets identifying specific risks associated with child labor and other forms of human rights abuses throughout a company’s supply chain in varying countries.Future studies are planned to be performed in Morocco, Ecuador and Panama. Participating companies are seeking to learn about the risks and contributing factors within their supply chain and production processes. Having this knowledge enables a company to take a proactive approach to addressing child labor within its supply chain and targeted strategies for its prevention in the future.

Vatican City, Rome: Pope Francis “Combating Human Trafficking is Moral Imperative” – Vatican Radio

Pope Francis supports the Agenda 2030, with the new United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which include the adoption of immediate and effective means for eradicating forced labor, putting an end to modern forms of slavery and human trafficking and ensuring the prohibition and elimination of the worst forms of child labor, including the recruitment and deployment of child soldiers, with a view to putting an end to all forms of child labor by 2025.

Global: IIECL’s Capability Building in France and Morocco – IIECL

IIECL’s Diane Mull engaged in building capacity and raising awareness about child labor in France and Morocco on addressing child labor through sustainable ag development, conducting participatory labor market assessments and applying a child-centered case management method, Pathways Advancing Viable Education (PAVE).

Norway: Norwegian pension fund withdraws investment in Indian seed company due to child labor – Indianet.nl

Norwegian pension fund withdraws investment in Indian seed company, Zuari Agro Chemicals, due to child labor

Switzerland: ILO releases new tool to help countries address child slavery and prostitution – ILO

The United Nations International Labor Organization (ILO) today launched a new tool to help countries eliminate children’s involvement in slavery, child prostitution, drug trafficking and other types of the worst forms of child labor by 2016. The ILO created the training guide – “Implementing the Roadmap for achieving the elimination of the worst forms ofRead the Rest…

USA: Law enforcement rescues 61 child victims, nabs 250 child predators – ICE

Washington, DC – Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) law enforcement officials announced today that a recent five-week sweep snared more than 250 suspected child predators, including nine teachers and three clergymen. Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, John Morton, said that 255 child predators were arrested and 61 child victims were rescued in the so-calledRead the Rest…

Cote d’Ivoire: Barry Callebaut inaugurates new rural primary schools and community learning centers to fight child labor – IT News

“The construction of new primary classrooms to meet the needs of rural communities, in particular in cocoa growing areas, is of great importance to the Ministry of Education in Côte d’Ivoire. Making quality schools available is one of the most effective ways to combat the issue of child labor, and we are grateful for the contribution to this effort made by Barry Callebaut,” said Mrs. Kandia Camara, Minister of National Education and Technical Education in Côte d’Ivoire.

Switzerland: IPEC report says that social protection key to fight against child labor – ILO

(with photo) GENEVA, April 29 (KUNA) — Social protection policies, namely supporting cash-strapped families and individuals, can play a key role in the fight against child labour, which currently affects some 215 million children worldwide, according …

USA: Massachusetts companies have been cited for thousands of child labor violations – Boston Globe

In all, employers have racked up 3550 child-labor law violations and about $314000 in civil fines since 2007, when the state attorney general's office began …www.bostonglobe.com/business/2013/04/…/story.html

China: Apple releases electronics supplier from supply chain after discovery of underage workers – CNET

Following an audit that revealed the hiring of 74 underage workers, Apple has taken action to fire its supplier and eliminating their inclusion within their supply chain. Apple has severed its relationship with a China-based third-party labor supplier after discovering a conspiracy to employ dozens of underage workers there, Apple reported in its latest Supplier Responsibility report

Pakistan: Study on the Impact of Public School Enrollment on Child Labor – EconPapers

By Hamna Ahmed; Abstract: This paper investigates the causal impact of public school enrolment on child labor. Our results suggest that school enrolment can be used as a substitute for child labor. On average, a 1 percentage point increase in a household’s public school enrolment has the potential to reduce hours in paid labor by almost 5 percentage points, ceteris paribus. This substitutability is highest among poor, urban males. The incidence of child labor is higher among larger, poor families. The results imply that schooling can be used effectively to reduce child labor. Thus, schooling is important not just as an end in itself, but also because of its positive spillover effects in the form of fewer child labor activities. This calls for the government to continue investing in programs such as the PESRP, which reduce the cost and increase the attraction of schooling. Children offer a promising future for our country. The ability to realize that potential depends critically on the kind of skills and opportunities available to them. Education can provide the desired key to success, not only by enhancing their skills and capabilities, but also through positive externalities in the form of reduced child labor. Our main hypothesis is as follows:econpapers.repec.org/…/v_3a17_3ay_3a2012_3ai_3a2_3ap_3…

USA: USDOL Publishes Toolkit to Help Reduce Global Child and Forced Labor – JD Supra

On December 14, 2102 the U.S. Department of Labor’s (“DOL”) Bureau of International Labor Affairs (“ILAB”) introduced “Reducing Child Labor and Forced Labor: A Toolkit for Responsible Businesses” (“the Toolkit”), the first gui…

Child Labor Book: “The Carpet Boy’s Gift” – Children’s Books Heal

Iqbal hands Nadeem some Freedom Letters abolishing child labor and urges Nadeem to pass them to the other children. Before the master intervenes, Iqbal …childrensbooksheal.com/category/child-labor/

Africa: Where are Africa’s children – Netherlands Aid

Without a birth certificate a child is left to wander through life vulnerable to abuse and victimization. A birth certificate is more than a simple piece of paper; it is a weapon against early marriage, child labor, recruitment into the armed forces, ….

Global: Emily Grant Awards Announced for Spring 2012 – IIECL

The International Initiative to End Child Labor (IIECL) and the Emily Sandall Foundation are pleased to announce this year’s recipients for Emily grants. A total of 20 awards will be made, ten higher than originally planned. The selection process was extremely difficult and involved a longer than expected process due to the huge response ofRead the Rest…

USA (Colorado): Summit Cove Elementary Students Petition to End Child Labor at Foxconn – SummitDaily.com

Summit County, Colorado – We the students of Summit Cove Elementary are in a exhibition group with the topic of child labor, and we think that it is a travesty for children to be forced to work in horrible conditions. Our research indicates child labor occurs in every country in the world, including the UnitedRead the Rest…

Jordan: Queen Rania attends discussion at launch of the National Framework for Child Labor – Petra News Agency

Petra News Agency Queen Rania attends discussion at launch of the National Framework for Child Labor …Petra News Agency10 (Petra)–Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah attended today a discussion around the launch of the National Frame for Child Labor in J…

USA: Emily Sandall Memorial Grants Awarded Fall 2011 – IIECL

The Emily Sandall Foundation and the International Initiative to End Child Labor’s Board of Directors and staff are pleased to announce the new Emily Grantees for the fall of 2011. This brings the total to 20 grants in 2011 and 48 grants awarded since the mini-grant program began in 2004.

Philippines: Child Labor Knowledge Sharing System hands-on training a success – Philippine Information Agency

Child Labor Knowledge Sharing System hands-on training a success Philippine Information Agency The recently conducted hands-on training on Child Labor Knowledge Sharing System CLKSS sponsored by International Labor Organization (ILO) through…

India: Education brings down girl child labour – Deccan Herald

Deccan Herald Education brings down girl child labour Deccan Herald The increasing number of girls running to schools has a collateral effect of causing a decline of child labour among girls. The recently released India Human Development Report (IHDR) 201…

Protests at fashion show of Uzbek first daughter – CBS News

Protests at fashion show of Uzbek first daughter CBS News(AP) NEW YORK — The runway show of Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of Uzbekistan's authoritarian leader, took place Thursday across town from official Mercedes-Benz Fashion…

IIECL Completes CSR Review of Risks of Child Labor in Coffee Sector in Nicaragua

A team of IIECL staff, Diane Mull and Martine Combemale, have completed a review of the risks of child labor for coffee producers in Nicaragua. The review was based on the framework of ISO 26000, Chapter 6 related to corporate social responsibility. The review included a task mapping of the phases of coffee production andRead the Rest…

USA-California: City mulls ‘Fair Trade’ moniker – Santa Rosa Press Democrat

City mulls ‘Fair Trade’ moniker Santa Rosa Press Democrat The idea is to make consumers more aware of the products they buy, avoid supply chains that rely on child labor and human trafficking, and guarantee “fair wages” to farmers and artisan…

Afghanistan: Former child refugee a hero to Afghan orphans – The Imperfect Parent

Former child refugee a hero to Afghan orphans The Imperfect Parent They returned to a country descended into chaos and civil war, where women were subject to abduction and rape, and children to abuse and child labor. So how did this young woman not only …